Inner Forearm Tattoos

Inner Forearm Tattoos

Inner Forearm Tattoos, when being applied, can be sore and uncomfortable.  If you are worried about this, look around at how many people have them – they have all survived, so it can’t be that bad.

On a serious note though, the Inner Forearm is a very sensitive area, and tattoos in this area of the body can be sore and cause significant bruising, swelling and or inflamation.

Infections or allergic reactions are rare, if you have concerns following the tattoo procedure then seek medical advice immediately.

If you are lconsidering Inner Forearm Tattoos, remember, the amount of ink that remains in the skin throughout the healing process determines, in large part, how robust the final tattoo will look.  There are many products that can be applied to the tattoo area to help with the healing process.  These healing products are mostly oil based ointments as they keep the skin hydrated.

In general, the advice is against removing scabs that forms on new tattoos, and avoiding exposing the tattoo to the sun for extended periods; both of these can contribute to fading of the image.
Also, it is agreed that all new tattoos needs to be kept clean.  The general consensus is that good old soap and warm water will keep the skin clean and free from infection.

Sometimes when a blood vessel is punctured during the tattooing procedure (maybe the needle has gone in too far) a bruise will appear.  Bruising and swelling should go away, but if you are concerned, we would suggest going back to your artist or visit the doctor to have a look at it.