Celtic Tattoos – Designs and Origins

Celtic Tattoo

Personally, I think that a traditional Celtic design look really cool as forearm tattoos.

The term Celts is used to describe any of the European peoples who spoke, or speak, a Celtic language.

Celtic history literally goes back thousands of years. In Britain, by the early first millennium AD, following the expansion of the Roman Empire and the invading European warriors, such as the Angles of Northern Germany, the Celtic culture had become restricted to the extremities of the British Isles – mainly Cornwall, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, which is where the of the Celts has survived, carved into standing stones and stone tombs as well as being discovered on pottery fragments and ornaments.

Elsewhere in Europe, Celtic areas refers to Brittany (France), Galicia (NW Spain), Northern and Central Portugal and Asturias (Northern Spain).

The early Celts displayed their skills in Celtic art forms such as metal, jewelry and weapons.

Typically, Celtic art is ornamental, avoiding straight lines and only occasionally using symmetry.

For people of Celtic heritage, having a Celtic tattoo design is often a way of expressing pride in ones heritage.

The most popular design searches for Celtic Tatoos include:

  • Celtic cross tattoo designs (a symbol that combines a cross with a ring surrounding the intersection)
  • Celtic knotwork tattoos
  • Celtic symbol tattoos
  • Celtic art tattoo designs
  • Celtic love knot tattoos

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